Saturday, March 26, 2011

Splish Splash!

I admit it – I was an aerobics/running/ cycle class snob. I thought pool workouts were for wussies. That is, until this Boot Camp class. Now I’m a believer. It’s different, no doubt, but if you work hard you can get a great workout. The last time we were in the pool, LaBet had us put on flotation belts and run large circular laps – first one direction, and then the other. The effect was essentially like jogging in a giant washing machine. Pity the poor man in the swimming lane who was trying to do traditional laps. The few times I happened to glance his way, he was alternately trying to make his way through the waves and clinging to the side of the pool like an oyster.

Yesterday the workout was a bit different. LaBet had us use paddles to increase the drag on our upper body, and we did some jumping and other plyometrics. As someone who struggles from time to time with knee and back issues, I LOVE doing plyometrics in the pool. I can actually do them without worrying about hurting myself, and even with the assist that the water provides, it still shoots my heart rate up into my target zone. Then some washing machine jogging as a grand finale. Not surprisingly, the swimmer left when we began jogging! :)
I love the pool workouts. I always leave the gym feeling refreshed and energized. And check this out - two bootcampers had enough energy left at the end of class for a quick race…

(Looks pretty close!)

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